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Funny Shirts – Click below to see them all!

That’s right guys we have Funny Shirts so click this big ass picture to see them all and laugh a lot!

La La Land Shirts has tons of funny shirts, including alcohol and drugs, college, and sex t-shirts.  We like to be offensive, so of course we have offensive shirts, nerdy t-shirts, and kids shirts that are all funny shirts.  We have enough funny shirts to keep you busy browsing all day long.

If you click on the above picture you will see all types of funny shirts and offensive t-shirts and most likely some that have some funny quotes on them.  It’s up to you whether you really find them funny or not, because in the end we all have a different sense of humor.  It’s simply our job to send you in the right direction, like a store with funny signs, nobody can really make you buy them.  The point we are making is that I could have the most offensive shirt in the world on according to your mom, but you might love it and ask where I got it, simply because you want to buy it and offend your mommy a little more.

So if you don’t want to click the giant picture above, then click here to see some funny shirts.  We here at La La Land Shirts believe that you will love all of the stuff that we have to offer including our silly shirts, because we make our own stuff and we are proud of what we do.  When a company is proud of themselves then it’s a great way to say we know we have great products, again including our funny clothes :).  Of course our favorite shirts at the time are our Barack Obama Shirts, which we hope everyone loves and will check out.  If you plan on voting for him in the 2012 election then we hope you buy one of the cool Obama Swag shirts and show your support for this election.

With that said some of our Barack Obama Shirts are funny themselves and heck they probably are offensive to some of the republicans out there, mainly because they know that their candidate doesn’t have a chance in hell at winning the 2012 election.   What’s the old saying there is a better chance of hell freezing over before Mitt Romney getting elected.  At least we hope that is the truth, ooops was that offensive to somebody?  Maybe we should make an offensive shirt or should we say democratic shirt about that too!

Again we keep saying funny shirts, but we know that what some guys find to be a funny shirt, some girls wont find to be a funny shirt.  That’s why our job is so hard!  We want everyone to find all of our shirts funny.

Here are some of our Funny Shirts!

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