Things To Know When Selling Shirts Online

Things To Know When Selling Shirts Online

Things To Know When Selling Shirts Online

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have been wondering the best way to make some extra money by selling t-shirts online. Some of us call this a side hustle while others do it as a full-time job and make well over 6 figures a year. To be quite honest there isn’t one particular way that is best as long as you have good designs and a few other things that I will go over in this article. So, no matter the reason that you want to start selling shirts online, this guide should be able to help you reach your goals. These are some obvious and not so obvious things to know when selling shirts online.

Here Are The 5 Things To Know When Selling Shirts Online

1. Use A Good Design Tool

I would say the best design tool is adobe in general and paying for the adobe creative suite which gives you access to tools like photoshop and illustrator. Together those 2 tools make paying a small monthly fee for the creative suite worth it. Of course, you will need to know how to use these powerful tools to make designs that are good enough for people to purchase. Just having photoshop or Illustrator won’t guarantee that you make money with your shirts. Of course, if you just want to sell shirts and not design them, you can always use a service like Fiverr to have your shirts designed for you. Just make sure you get the commercial rights for the designs that you purchase.

2. Create A Brand

You will need to create a brand, such as La La Land Shirts, that is recognizable to your customers. This way you can sell your shirts on your website and several other places and still have them know they are buying from you. You don’t want to sell your shirt on Amazon or in another location your brand will tell them who the actual source of the shirt is. This means in order to build up your social media presence and design and develop your own website to help you grow that brand.

3. Always Design

In the world of selling T-Shirts, you will not make money unless you come up with 1 big winner. The other way to do it is to design 3 to 5 quality shirts a day and put them online for your community. If you don’t ever hit it big with that one design, then you will hopefully design 50 to 100 shirts that sell regularly enough for you to make a decent amount of money each month. If you can’t design that many shirts each day then you will just need to try and design as many as you can. If you have extra time on the weekend or any day and can design 10 or 20 on those days and then upload them when you get the time that is a good strategy as well.

4. Create Facebook Pages For Each Shirt Category

Outside of your brand, you can also create FB pages, Twitter pages and whatever other social media platform that you think is good for that category. This way you can build up an audience around that topic and sell shirts on those social media channels which actually can separate those shirts from your brand. This is different from number 2, but it’s another way to make sure you build an audience. For example, if you are selling political shirts and don’t want to affiliate your brand with a specific candidate you can create pages on all social channels and sell the shirts for each candidate from those social media channels. This protects your brand from getting into the political arena.

5. Pick Several Different Places To Sell Your Shirts

This means pick places such as CafePress, Merch By Amazon and TeeSpring for example. This helps you reach a larger audience with your shirts and it’s a good reason to build up your brand. If you are planning to sell your shirts as a brand and be recognized this is when the social media channels and your website come into play. But, the bottom line is to never sell your shirts on only one of the marketplaces that are available.

In conclusion

To make money selling shirts we went over some things to know when selling shirts online. Be sure to design cool shirts and design them often. At the same time be sure to build up your brand on social media and having a nice website. However, if you are selling controversial shirts you can keep them separate from your brand and make FB pages for each topic and sell that way the best you can. Be sure to diversify where you are selling your shirts so you can reach the biggest market. It’s never good to pigeonhole yourself into a specific topic or to a specific website when selling your shirts. Since the Internet is a big vast place, you need to treat it that way in order to reach as many people as possible.

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