Joe Biden For President T-Shirts

Joe Biden For President T-Shirts

If you know anything about La La Land Shirts then you know that we love to make political shirts. We have finally started to work on our 2020 political t-shirts and we are proud to let everyone know that our Joe Biden for President T-Shirts are some of the best looking tees, sweaters, and tank tops that we have made in quite a while. Part of it is probably because we have been patiently waiting for Vice President Biden to announce that he is officially running for president. Once he did that our creative juices started to flow freely.

Joe Biden For President Logos

Joe Biden For President In 2020 | La La Land Shirts

In case you have been living under a rock when Biden made his official announcement the campaign also released not 1, but 2 logos for the campaign. There has been a lot of people talking trash about them, but those are probably just people who support Trump or possibly even Bernie Sanders. But, we think they are great and do exactly what they should. They provide the right amount of recognizability, they can be utilized in a square, circle, or rectangle space, the logos are a simple red and blue, just like the Obama logo was. Of course, there is some white in there too, but that’s mainly just the background. They aren’t over the top but get the point across perfectly and everyone will know who you support as soon as they see your Biden T-Shirt just from the logo.

Check out this Joe Biden Shirt which is part of our Joe Biden Shirts collectionExcited To Make More Biden Shirts

Of course, we are excited to make at least 50 more Biden shirts for the campaign, which means we need to get started right now. We really like the fact that the logo gives us a lot to work with so designing Biden shirts won’t be as hard as designing shirts for Elizabeth Warren or even Bernie Sanders. To be honest, we aren’t even sure if Warren or Bernie have a logo to work with. It’s simple to tell a Bernie shirt when the design is just a silhouette of his head, because of that crazy hair. But, there is a reason they call him crazy Bernie (it has to be the mad scientist hair).

In ConclusionJoe Biden in 2020 Shirt

Joe is in the game and is running for president in 2020 and we are in the game of making shirts for him already. Let’s face it though, the logo has made it easy and we don’t expect the creative juices to stop flowing, because Joe gives us a lot of content to work with. Whether it’s him wearing a cool pair of aviators, eating ice cream or saying something “Joe like” it’s all material that we can use for an awesome shirt for you guys to show your support for Biden in 2020. Be sure to grab your first Biden for president shirt from us here at La La Land Shirts. We will soon be selling the shirts on our Biden facebook page that we just created today. We hope you can join us there as well.

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