About La La Land Shirts

About La La Land Shirts

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long distance dating sites has been around for over 10 years, as a matter of fact, our company has been selling shirts for 12 years. We started selling shirts before that actually. It was when John Kerry was running for president and this kid got kicked out of an event and arrested for saying “Don’t Taze Me Bro”. I saw Facebook blow up when it was still in the early days of Facebook. There were a couple hundred Don’t Taze Me Groups that popped up within minutes. So I said what the hell, I’m going to make a T-Shirt, put it on Cafepress and then post a link to it in all of these groups while making about 5 groups myself so I had control. I sold over 250 shirts in about an hour.


That’s when I realized that you can make money selling shirts online and designed about 20 more shirts that day alone. This leads me to buy a URL, build a website and start selling the shirt designs that I listed on CafePress, which was perfect because they covered all of the cost. All I had to do was design the shirts, post them on their site and then promote them. It was easy to promote them back then because Facebook was more like the Wild Wild West.


La La Land Shirts Expands


Not long after that I started a blog, started using Tumblr and any other free site like that I could find to talk about my shirts, post my shirts and link them back to my website. I didn’t know it, but I was teaching myself how to do SEO and I was doing it well.


Then I decided to not only sell political shirts but shirts for holidays such as St. Patrick’s day, which just turned into Irish shirts. Then I decided to add funny shirts to the bank of products La La Land Shirts sold. I continued over the years to add shirts that had a cause to them, such as Autism Awareness Shirts which are some of our best sellers.


Our Barack Obama Shirts


Some of our best shirts ever are our Barack Obama shirts, which are still top sellers! We had one design that just said: “Party Like Barack Star” that cleared 20K in just a few days and just went on making money. Which was great for just 1 single design. This was one indicator to me that he was going to win that election.


The Story Continues


It’s been a few years and we let our site go into shambles, but still selling our shirts on TeeSpring and other places, such as Amazon. Now we are redesigning our site, selling new shirts and selling more than ever. We have added sunglasses to our list of products and can’t believe how far we have come.


Thanks to everyone that have made us successful over the years and we hope it’s many years more.